Passenger and materials construction hoist

alimak scando 45

The new ALIMAK SCANDO 45/30 construction hoist offers outstanding performance. The ALIMAK SCANDO 45/30 combines a medium-range hoist concept with a 450 mast to deliver on Alimak Hek’s quality and safety promise.
Designed and assembled at Alimak Hek’s production facility in Sweden, this hoist is a modern, EN-approved, flexible hoist solution capable of sharing a mast with the Alimak Hek medium range of transport platforms, material hoists and mast climbing work platforms.

Driven by a high-efficiency helical gearbox,the ALIMAK SCANDO 45/30 offers increased hoistpower, smooth operation and energy  efficiency, with the safety and usability expected of an Alimak hoist. A new design with quality, high-strength materials ensures low energy consumption, improved running efficiency and less wear for low cost of ownership.

The ALIMAK SCANDO 45/30 is designed to meet both passenger and materials transport needs. Available in a single or dual car configuration, this new hoist offers payload capacities of up to 2,000 kg per hoist car, with a cage size of 1.4 x 3.0 m. The hoist is available with either a Direct-on-Line (DOL) or Frequency Control (FC) motor system. These DOL or FC motors drive the unit via a
high-efficiency helical gearbox designed and manufactured by Alimak Hek. Equipped with a modern microprocessor control system, the hoist offers stop-nextlanding control for simple operation and ease of use.

The ALIMAK SCANDO 45/30 can use standard accessories available for the renowned Alimak Scando 450 modular system. The ALIMAK SCANDO 45/30 is also capable of sharing a mast with the Hek medium range of transport platforms, materials hoists and mast climbing work platforms, improving utilisation of machine accessories in a cost-effective way. Accessories like mast, ties and landing equipment can be configured (or delivered) with the hoist to suit most project demands for vertical access — from low to high-rise buildings.

The ALIMAK SCANDO 45/30 is fitted with an Alimak safety device, overload sensor, and mechanical and electrical interlocking door system to ensure the highest safety standards.It undergoes a series of rigorous safety and quality tests before arrival to market.
Safety is at the heart of all Alimak Hek products and the ALIMAK SCANDO 45/30 is no exception.The overspeed safety device is the most vital component. All safety devices are tested in a specially constructed testing tower prior to delivery from the production line in Sweden.

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