A versatile working environment

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The HEK MC 450 is the next generation of strong, robust and quality mast climbing work platforms supplied by the Alimak Hek Group. This new model offers the best ratio of performance and quality for global use in the light and medium range of applications.

Hek mast climbing work platforms can lift all types of load and position them to the nearest centimetre. Heavy tools and materials are  then always within reach. Furthermore, working on a Hek mast climbing work platform is made easy, because there are no scaffold  poles to get in the way. As a result, the whole operation is both vis ible and reliable a t all times.
In other words, Hek mast climbing work platforms generate a comfortable working situation whilst increasing productivity – yet another decisive cost saving.
HEK MC 450 –
Platform length
4.2 m – 10.2 m
Platform width
1.2 m – 2.2 m
1,500 kg – 2,500 kg
8 m/min (50 Hz area), 9.6 m/min (60 Hz area)
Max lifting height (tied)
200 m
Max height (with top tie)
30 m
4.5 m
Tie distance
8 m – 10 m
Cable guide distance
6 m
450 (Mark II)
Rack module
Motor rating drive unit
1 × 4 kW
Power supply
400 V / 50-60 Hz
tpl 500 winda