Work Platforms

When a construction project is too high or too complex for scaffolding, mast climbing work platforms are the obvious alternative for façade work such as bricking, coating, and glazing. Even at lower levels, from 40 meters down to 10 meters, work platforms make important contributions to safety, productivity, and economy.

Medium Range – HEK MC 450

The HEK MC 450 is the next generation of strong, robust and quality mast climbing work platforms supplied by the Alimak Hek Group. This new model offers the best ratio of performance and quality for global use in the light and medium range of applications. Payload capacities from 2,500 kg to 4,500 kg and platform dimensions vary from 4.2 m to 30.2 m.

Modular Range – HEK MCM

In modern architecture, facades come in all shapes and sizes. Angular, staggered, overhanging or receding. In addition, glazing and coating systems are often employed in very large formats, in such materials as aluminum and natural stone. For situations of this kind, the HEK MCM series offers a flexible workspace which is safe, clear and stable! Payload capacities from 2,040 kg to 5,150 kg and platform dimensions vary from 2.9 m to 32.6 m. The HEK MCM is part of the Modular M-450 range.


HEK MC 450


A flexible work platform that is secure and stable.

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