Transport Platform & Material Hoist

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Alimak Hek is the world’s leading supplier of rack and pinion vertical access solutions for people and materials in the construction industry. As part of our ongoing program of development, Alimak Hek has strengthened its light range with the new TPL 500&300, personnel and material transport platform. It’s simple, flexible and robust design puts it ahead of its competitors and is suitable for
all vertical access to buildings or scaffoldings, either for new constructions or for refurbishments.

The TPL 500 is designed with sophisticated and modern software which has been used by highly experienced professional designers to develop a product that has optimized weights, resistance and practical utilization to create a customer offering that is best in class.

The structure
The structure is made up of bended and perforated plates, which in addition to being a structural element becomes a rigid and anti-slip walking surface. Hot dip galvanizing ensures that the surface remains the same over time, avoiding the need for maintenance and
replacement of the surface itself. Erection platform and ramps use the same construction system and surface treatment process.

The drive unit
The drive unit runs on a mast sections (hot dip galvanized) by means of a series of guide rollers, mounted on a tandem frame to distribute the pressure in a consistent manner, giving rise to less wearing, a smoother travel and a longer life for the mast sections. The two-speed or single-phase gear-motor overload system and safety device system are all installed in the centre.

The erection platform
The erection platform facilitates smooth operation with regards to fastening the masts during erection and fastening the mast ties to
the wall, and can be positioned on both sides of the platform.

The Mast Sections
The mast sections are fixed to each other by means of four eyebolts, making assembly quick and safe and thereby eliminating the risk of loss.
The rack is screwed to the mast.

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The Electric Control Panel
The electric control panel can be positioned on both sides of the platform. All commands required for use of the platform and control of the safety systems are contained in this unit. The key-switch is also positioned on the panel and permits use as a Transport Platform (speed of 12 m/min) or Material Hoist (speed 24 m/min).

The Base Frame
The base frame (hot dip galvanized) with the levelling screw jacks has smaller dimensions than the platform size, making it easy to
position the machine even in very narrow places. The first mast section is screwed on as is the cable basket ( till 100 m).

The Load Ramp
The Load Ramp can be installed on side A, B and C. The Exit Ramp on A and B includes a control bar system with vertical or horizontal bar opening. The load ramp can be replaced by a bi-foldable gate, to permit easy loading of the platform with a fork-lift, or when it is to be used as a Transport Platform. The third side is provided with a fixed railing or, alternatively, with a ramp or bi-foldable gate. The tie in is fixed on the mast sections with a double frame that affords greater rigidity to the masts. There is greater flexibility in the positioning of the fastening pipes, both to the scaffolding and the wall, and can be positioned at distance not more than 7.5 m. The Cable Guide keeps the hybrid cable (power and control) in the correct position to allow easy storage in the cable basket during
operation. This ensures greater safety, particularly in windy conditions. A series of accessories are available. Roof support frames
for scaffolding pipes are available on request. The landing gates with electric and mechanical interlock are in compliance with the latest provisions of the Machines Directive. These can also be equipped with a call push-button panel, and are easy to assemble on both the scaffolding and the building’s landings.

  • Dual function: Transport Platform (TP)/Material Hoist (MH)
  • Robust design for max endurance in construction and refurbishment jobsite
  • Simple and Reliable design
  • Completely reversible right/left for the maximum flexibility in the jobsite
  • Entrance on 3 sides allowed
  • New triangular mast design, with integrated bolts for the fastest erection and dismantling
  • Safety Device
  • Overload protection device
  • Erection Ramps